Canadian Speedway Champions Listing

For many years, the Niagara Motorcycle Speedway has provided the public with a spectacular high speed sport called Speedway Racing. This exciting form of racing is displayed weekly by some of North America's top riders.

Speedway bikes give a great show from the start to the finish line. A speedway race comprises of 4 laps from a clutch dropping standing start. The bikes are all 500cc methanol fuel machines, that have no brakes and one fixed gear!

They accelerate from 0-100 km in just 3 seconds and spend the majority of the race sideways.

The annual National Canadian Speedway Championship race is held on the Welland track every year. This night, one rider is crowned 'Canadian Speedway Champion'.

Events are run in association and direction of the Canadian Speedway Racing Association. They provide full heat by heat results weekly following each event.

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